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June 1, 2022
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June 21, 2022

Overviews of mixer diverters

Good for repair. The newest – ceramic, are two plates that rotate relative to each other, thus opening the water supply to the shower or sink.

Overviews of mixer diverters

The faucet diverters are two- or three-way taps that open one water outlet and shut off the others at the same time. Pushbuttons switch the mode by pressing the button. The oldest type of divertors are spool-type divertors, unlike the others, the very contour through which water flows changes in them. Sometimes it can be a separate unit attached to the mixer or built into its body so that only the switch lever remains visible. They have an important drawback – with unstable water pressure, they can independently return to their original position. Depending on the design, there are several types of divertors. They are not very common, as they are expensive and unsuitable for repair. Cork – similar to eccentric, but the redirection of the water flow is performed by pushing or pulling the lever. Eccentric – a popular type of diverter, they work by turning the handle, which is connected to the stem – it redirects the flows, opening one and closing the other plug.

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