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Lenovo XT95 Pro Wireless RGB Headphones

The first thing that catches your eye is the case design. Double tap – increase and decrease the volume, triple – the next / previous track. The most unusual feature of the new headphones is the bright RGB illumination of the case during its use. Bluetooth version 5.1 Each earphone has a signal LED that does not blink while listening, and a built-in microphone, the quality https://jiji.co.tz/169-shoulder-bags/gucci of which is rather average, it will only fit for telephone conversations. Inside the package, the first thing we see is a case with headphones in a plastic bag on a special plastic podium. When watching a video, there are no sound delays, there are slight lags in games, but if you activate the game mode, then the delays become almost imperceptible – which is a very good indicator for budget headphones. It looks cool, but this function does not bear absolutely any practical benefit. On the front of the package we can see the image of the headphones, and the name of the product model. The product was provided for writing a review by the store. Headphones are placed in a case and are securely fixed there with magnets, each ear has its own seat. charging contacts are located on the bottom of the headphone leg, everything is like everywhere else. The Lenovo brand name is located on the front panel, the charging connector is located on the bottom end. Review published in accordance with clause 18 of the Rules Regarding the sound quality, my opinion is extremely subjective – I am a fan of loud and juicy bass, and with a similar design of headphones, without rubber ear pads, and even for such a price, this is almost impossible to achieve. Design, quality, low price and a well-known Brand are the undeniable advantages of the novelty. The body material is transparent glossy plastic – and this is not a very practical option for me, I think the case will eventually be covered with a huge number of micro-scratches and prints, but that is what it is. These also sit well in the ears, but for me they are uncomfortable. On each of the headphones there is a touch area responsible for controlling playback. Everything is ready. In terms of reception quality, everything is also excellent, a stable connection with a smartphone through 2 walls within 10 meters.

Lenovo XT95 Pro Wireless RGB Headphones

But it is worth remembering that the cost of the headphones at the time of my order was a little more than $ 11, and for this price it is acceptable. Case charging time is 2 hours On the product page, you can use the seller’s coupon for $2\2.01 Closing is accompanied by a pleasant pop. The first headphone pairing is simple: open the cover of the case, take out the headphones, after which you should find the Lenovo XT95 Pro bluetooth device on your smartphone and pair it. For me, the ideal format is in-ear plugs, which sit very comfortably and securely in my ears. But everything is covered by a low price and an unusual RGB backlight function – therefore, for this amount – you can take it. But there are questions about the sound quality. Further at the bottom of the box is a short Type-C cable about 20 cm for charging the case and a small instruction in English and Chinese. And most importantly, a case with wireless headphones inside. Unfortunately, there is no in-ear sensor, so playback is not paused when the earpiece is removed from the ear. On the back there are serial numbers and brief technical specifications of the device: In general, the build quality does not cause any complaints – everything is very soundly and neatly, no backlashes and gaps were found.
Headphones are delivered in a small package made of thin cardboard, the design is classic for Lenovo products. With subsequent connections, the headphones are automatically connected to the smartphone within a few seconds as soon as they are taken out of the case. The lid of the case is equipped with magnets, so it is easy and pleasant to open and securely fixed when closed. The format of the case is pleasant – it is a small oval-shaped bar, the optimal size for me.
The headphones themselves are earbuds made of white glossy plastic, and subjectively for me, this is an unsuccessful format. In general, there were mixed impressions about the new headphones. The bass is present, but weak and the volume leaves much to be desired better, but in the rest of the range, the headphones sound pretty good. Hello everyone, today we will look at the new budget headphones from Lenovo XT95 Pro. A long press on the left earpiece is responsible for calling the voice assistant, on the right earphone, the inclusion of a special game mode. It is not clear why this is necessary, but when you open the lid, the brand name and the stripes on the case body begin to shimmer in different colors. The battery capacity of one earphone is 30 mAh < br />300mAh headphone box battery capacity The gestures are as follows – a single touch in the music listening mode is responsible for pause and playback, and in the talk mode for answering or hanging up a call. Working time when listening to music is about 4 hours

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