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June 21, 2022
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July 11, 2022

Contacts for battery compartments…

Contacts for battery compartments. Next sketchup and here are the results: Appearance: And I definitely remember that there were models for such (or similar) contacts. in the archive – source codes in sketchup and stl for single holders for 18650 and 14500/AA batteries and triple for 14500/AA. the file is here: drive.google.com/open?id=190xAz3_Q3EBUxLnZZZZgaNycaYtfP6Cn On a contact without a spring in the central part, the total thickness with stamping is 1.7mm, the side ones are 1mm each, the spring in the released state together with the plate has a length of 10mm, in the compressed state it is 2.5mm. Nowhere.
As recently as yesterday, I was puzzled by the battery compartment for 18650 – in fact, why this post. What do you think?magic rabbit! Here are the search results for 18650 and battery holder Purchased battery compartments tend to break down, while they cost us offline so much that it seems that the seller decided to sell them to solve problems with poverty around the world. And there were many different ones for different contacts – which is why I didn’t bother downloading in advance. Here. Packaging.
As you can see, one protrusion was printed on the small compartment, which keeps the battery from falling out – this is fixed in the attached files. Further. More precisely, nowhere.
Therefore, I decided to buy the contacts themselves in China and make the holders myself, since I can. The main part has dimensions of 12x12mm, the tail is 7x3mm, that is, everything is as stated. Maybe the search broke down there, maybe I forgot how to use it, but earlier there were SO MUCH more useful results. In fact, there are about 105-110 pieces of each type of contacts, I already partially used them, and only then counted them, and still more than a hundred;)
There are also dual contacts in the https://jiji.co.tz/cars/ford-explorer lot, for the implementation of serial connection of AA (?) Batteries, which is sometimes convenient, but separate contacts are IMHO more universal if you do not mass-produce battery compartments. And in my opinion, the design with single compartments will be stronger. From time to time I make something that runs on batteries or 18650 type batteries that I want to make removable. We make battery holders on a 3D printer

That is, figs with him that before I was already tired of squandering, but now it fits on the page. I will describe the dimensions in words. I got on Thingiverse in complete confidence that I met an incredible amount of battery compartments there, both with a structurally implemented spring, and for such contacts. So, 100 pairs of contacts are declared in the lot, that is, 100 single battery holders can be made. And I found them on the request "battery holder". Like – I always have time, where will it go? Yeah. And now I will answer the question why here, and not on thingiverse.
As you can see from the title picture, the contacts are 12x12mm in size, therefore they are suitable for AA and larger batteries, you can also use for AAA, but the holders will be too big in size. I don’t remember exactly, but I think I sorted it myself, initially there were a bunch of The thickness is 0.3mm, everything is magnetized. I do not even observe those models that I have already printed out point-blank.

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