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July 11, 2022
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The best Lego Renault FT tank of the First World War

In this case, the stickers also need to be glued in some places on several parts at once, which will make it impossible to disassemble them in the future and use them to assemble something else, which, in my opinion, is doubly unacceptable. The instruction suggests that you first collect bonuses – a couple of figurines in the form of a sample of the First World War and some fortifications. All parts are divided into 9 packages. I didn’t glue them. The vehicle turned out to be so successful that it was produced under license in the USA, Italy and the RSFSR, and also served as a prototype for several later French tanks. First assembly step. The details here are five colors: dark khaki, slightly lighter khaki, grey, black and sand. Firstly, in principle, I think that copying in Lego-constructors should be achieved with the help of cast elements, or at least painted ones. Now Ali is littered with prefabricated models of equipment from the Second World War – tanks, cars, aircraft, used by all sides of the conflict. A few more words about the instructions. But these tags provide that the parts are packed in 4 bags, so by and large they are useless. There is no box. It was also the first light tank in history and the most massive tank of the First World War. Models before the FT, and even modern tanks looked mostly like boxes on tracks. In general, the model seemed very interesting to me, and I could not resist buying it. Although for us it turned out to be in the shadow of WW2, many historians consider the First World War to be the beginning of the 20th century, and a significant part of the types of modern military equipment arose during this period. https://jiji.ug/12-gearbox/toyota In the instructions there are labels for when to open which package. But I started with a tank. The last time Renault FT saw action was in 1948 during the Arab-Israeli war. Apparently, the theme has almost exhausted itself, so the producers began to pay attention to other episodes of military history. Although it is quite detailed, it is difficult to distinguish the color of some details in the pictures.

The best Lego Renault FT tank of the First World War

Today I want to talk about the iconic example of World War I equipment, the great-grandfather of all modern tanks – the Renault FT. Also in the kit there is such a block of stickers, which should add realism models. The most obvious choice is the First World War. So it’s almost impossible to distinguish between dark and light khaki in the instructions, which can lead to confusion. It was the Renault FT that became the first mass-produced tank with a circular turret and a classic layout (the control compartment is located in the front, the combat compartment is in the center, and the engine compartment is in the rear of the vehicle). And their guns were either fixed on the nose with the possibility of only vertical adjustment, or located on the sides of the vehicle, which also greatly limited the angles of fire.

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